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Pastor Eric and Mandy Gilbert felt a call of God to return to their hometown of Russell Springs, KY, and launch a dream that would become 3trees Church. So, beginning in September 2000, with a team of six people, the church opened its doors in a converted truck stop restaurant.   
Six years later, a clear directive would come from Heaven to stop being just a "Come & See" church and instead become a "Go & Tell" church. So, as a result, into the streets, we went with our first CAPTIVATE event! 
The church now facilitates four (or more) CAPTIVATE events annually, ministering to thousands of people throughout the year by finding needs and meeting them with the Love of Jesus Christ.
After growing to 1,000 people in our first location, this continued mandate to "go and tell" also led our church to become a multi-site congregation.  We felt especially motivated in this regard as the attendees were arriving at our little hillside in Russell Springs from over 15 counties each week in Fall 2013.

The addition of our first multi-site location came from a very unique and God-ordained partnership with Living Grace Church in Campbellsville, KY.  
Living Grace began in 2002 when 17 individuals stepped out in faith, believing that God was calling them to start a new work in Campbellsville, KY.  They first met in homes, having services in a garage; however, growth soon forced them to search for new gathering spaces.  The next few years included meeting in a warehouse, a movie theater, and a renovated church facility before arriving at a cutting-edge facility that had formerly been a large Coca-Cola Bottling, Inc. plant.  In July 2014, after a season of spiritual partnership between the churches, Living Grace Church voted unanimously to officially join the family of 3trees and become the first multi-site location of 3trees Church.  Today, this location in Campbellsville has become our largest congregation and its influence continues to expand in ways that could only be credited to God's grace.
We we
re grateful for the opportunity to open our latest location in Columbia, KY, in Spring 2018.  The location has been blessed with an incredible and rapidly growing congregation, and we are thankful for the favor God has allowed us in such a wonderful community.  

Today, as a church that is privileged to be called "home" for over 3,000 believers, we continue to focus on fulfilling Jesus' command to disciple believers, actively pursuing opportunities for further expansion throughout Kentucky.  And, our experience in God over the years and our faith for the future led us to one conclusion:  "Greater things are yet to come!" 

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