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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Whether you are looking to invest in developing a strong foundation for a lasting marriage through premarital counseling or to reserve a venue for your wedding here at 3trees Church, we are excited to partner with you on your wedding day.





How do we begin the premarital process and/or schedule a pastor to officiate our wedding?

Contact us at or 270-866-8811.


Do we have to be members of 3trees Church to go through the premarital process or have a 3trees pastor officiate our wedding?

You do not have to be a member of 3trees to go through our premarital process, but you would need to be a member in order for one of the 3trees pastors to officiate your wedding. (You can become a member by attending BEGIN.)


What are the guidelines for a 3trees Church pastor to officiate our wedding?

If you are interested in having a 3trees pastor officiate your wedding, premarital counseling is required prior to the wedding. If the premarital counseling is completed outside of 3trees, we require a letter from the person/church who administered the premarital counseling with information concerning the counseling and what was covered.  The 3trees pastor officiating your wedding will meet with you and your fiancé at least twice prior to the wedding.


Is there a cost for premarital counseling?

Yes. The cost is $35 per couple. This cost covers the materials you will receive. 






Do we have to be members of 3trees Church to reserve a venue at 3trees for our wedding?

Yes. To reserve a 3trees venue for a wedding, or to be married at 3trees, either the bride or groom must be active members of 3trees Church.  (You can become a member by attending BEGIN.)


What venues are available for weddings?

The Student Worship Centers at either location are available for weddings. At times, church schedule permitting, the main auditoriums are also available. For more information please contact a wedding facilitator at or 270-250-7904.


How do I get more information on reserving a 3trees facility for a wedding?

Please contact us via and request the Wedding Guide. If you have questions not answered in the wedding guide, please contact us again and an appointment with a wedding facilitator can be arranged. 


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