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Science Experiment

Hey kids! Today we have a fun science experiment you can do at home to learn more about the Armor of God! All you will need is a glass bowl, two oranges, and water.  

First, you will want to fill your glass bowl up with water. Take one of your oranges and place it in the bowl. Then, with the second orange, completely peel it and place it in the water. Kids, what do you notice? The difference between the two is so cool! 

The orange with the peeling on floats on the top of the water while the orange without it's peeling sinks to the bottom of the bowl. The Armor of God is a lot like the orange peel! When we put on the Armor of God, we can rise above any challenge that comes our way, just like the orange rises to the top of the water. However, when we take off the Armor, we are often overcome with fear and worry, just like how the orange sinks to the bottom of the bowl. 

God has given us a great defense against battles we may face in life. Just like how the peel protects the orange, the Armor of God protects us! However, we must remember to put on our Armor and not become like the orange that is peeled: defenseless and sinking. 

God, thank you for the gift of Your Armor! I pray we always remember how powerful it can be in fighting our battles. We do not want to be like the peeled orange; we want to stand strong and courageous with your Armor surrounding us! In Jesus' name, amen! 

To watch this week's 3treesKIDS Lesson, click here!

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