Play a few or all of the following games together as a family to help your kids memorize this Bible verse!

Memory Verse: Put on all of God’s armor. Then, you can remain strong against the devil’s evil plans. - Ephesians 6:11

Where did that word go?

Prep: Write down (or print) the Bible verse, writing one word on each piece of paper. 


  • Prepped Bible Verse pages

How to Play:

  1. Layout the Bible verse in order on a table or tape the pieces on the wall

  2. Read the Bible verse together as a family

  3. Ask your kids to close their eyes, then remove one word from the verse.

  4. Read the verse together one more time and see if your kids can guess what word is missing

  5. Continue playing more rounds of this game removing different words. You can even make this game more challenging by removing more than one word at a time.

Verse Catch

Prep: None


  • A ball

How to Play:

  1. As a family, sit in a circle on the floor

  2. As you toss the ball around the circle, say one word of the bible verse as you catch the ball. 

  3. At first, have the Bible verse written and visible to family members. To make the game harder, remove the written Bible verse so you really have to use your memory.

  4. If someone says the wrong word or forgets the next word of the Bible verse, start over from the beginning of the Bible verse.

  5. To ‘win’ at this game, work as a family to completely say the Bible verse.


Prep: None

Materials: None

How to Play:

  1. As a family, stand in a circle or sit around a table

  2. Randomly pick a family member to begin the game. That person will say the first word of the Bible verse. The next person onto the right will say the second word of the verse and continue in this manner.

  3. If someone get a word wrong or can't remember the next word, they are out.

  4. Once the verse is finished, the next person has to say “Sparkle” and is out as well. 

  5. Then, the verse restarts with the next person and you continue in the same manner until there is only one family member left, the winner.

  6. Complete as many times as you like.

Tips: For the first couple of times, have the Bible verse posted for everyone to see. Then take it away to encourage your kids to memorize it.

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