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Hey families! 

We have been learning all about the Armor of God in a fun, new series! To help your kids remember the pieces of armor, we have created a game for you to play at home. You will need a piece of paper, scissors, a pencil, and a competition partner. 

Begin by reading Ephesians 6:10-18; this passage gives us all the information we need about God’s armor for this game! Next, you will want to cut 12 squares out of your paper. On the square pieces of paper, write the six pieces of God’s armor and their six purposes. See the list of phrases below. One phrase will go on each square. (Parents, if your kids are not able to read yet, you may choose to draw pictures instead.) Mix the pieces of paper up in a pile. The purpose of the game is to see who can match all armor pieces to the correct function the fastest! Grab your competition partner and prepare to go in 3... 2….1... Good luck! 

12 Phrases:

  • Belt of

  • Breastplate of

  • Shoes of

  • Shield of 

  • Helmet of 

  • Sword of the

  • Truth

  • Righteousness

  • Peace

  • Faith

  • Salvation

  • Spirit

Once one partner has all of the pieces matched, you can use your Bible to check the information! This game will help your family remember the Armor of God. We can use these pieces of armor to fight any battles we face in life. Our God has given us the best protection we could possibly ask for! 

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