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As Ms. Kayla traveled to China this week, we saw lots of panda bears! If you missed the adventure, click here. We learned that the bamboo around the panda bears defends the pandas! In the same way, we can always trust that God is defending us! Let's draw a panda bear together and remember that God is our defender! 

STEP 1: Gather your supplies. For today’s craft you will need a paper plate, coloring pencils or crayons, scissors, glue, and black construction paper.


STEP 2: Begin by drawing a small nose at the bottom of your paper plate. It should be oval like. Then, draw the panda’s mouth. You can do this by drawing the letter “J” coming from the bottom of the nose and a backward letter “J”.


STEP 3: Begin to trace out the dark circles of the panda’s eyes. They are egg-shaped and tilted away from the nose just a little. 


STEP 4: After you like the shape of the dark circles, draw a small circle inside the large circle. This will be the panda’s white eyes. Then, color in the dark circles.


STEP 5: You can’t forget about the panda’s ears! Cut our two ears and glue to the top of your paper plate. (Be sure to ask a parent for help on this part.)


STEP 6: Ta-da! You have created a panda bear! Remember God is your defender and love you so, so much

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