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God’s plan is the best ever! Today, we are going to be creative & reenact part of God’s plan! If you missed this week’s lesson video about Jesus entering the town of Jerusalem (aka the Triumphal Entry), no worries, you can watch it by clicking here. 

We see in the book of Matthew that the people gather the cloaks to create a pathway for Jesus while others cut down branches to wave and lay on the pathway. You will want to begin today’s activity by making a few palm branches.

  1. First, gather the needed craft supplies: green construction paper (or white paper colored green), a backing for your branches (popsicle sticks or a stick from outside), scissors, and glue. 

  2. To create the leaves for your palm branch, simply trace your hand on the green paper & cut out. You will want to make many leaves! 

  3. After all your leaves are cut, begin to glue the leaves onto the backing of your branch (either popsicle stick or a stick from your back yard). Below is a picture to help guide your creative process. You will want to make a few of these palm branches, enough to lay on the ground and to wave. 

After your palm branches are created, you are ready to reenact Matthew 21:1-11. Be sure to read this passage together as a family before reenacting! Let your kids be creative in this activity, and have fun! Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Begin by assigning roles to your family members: Jesus, the donkey, and the townspeople.

  • Next, lay coats and a few palm branches that you created on the ground. 

  • The townspeople will also need a few palm branches to wave as ‘Jesus’ enters the town. 

  • As Jesus enters, be sure the townspeople shout “Hosanna, Hosanna!”.

Lastly, pray together as a family! Tell God all that you are thankful for, and be sure to thank him for sending Jesus to take away our sins. Share a picture of your reenactment with us online and tag 3trees Church!

Have fun!

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