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CRAFT | Lamb of God

This week we are learning about the Lamb of God! If you haven't seen this week's lesson video, you can check it out here: Best Day Ever | Week 1

Jesus is the Lamb of God and He was one of God's promises to us! Jesus came to take away the sins of the world. Here is a fun activity you can do with your kiddos at home today.

Lamb of God Craft:

Supplies needed: Construction paper, crayons or markers, paint or cotton balls, and glue.

  1. For this activity, you can create a lamb in your unique way! A few pictures are attached to get your creative minds thinking!

  2. You will begin by sketching the shape of your lamb. You can do this by drawing the body, head, tail, and four legs. Don't forget the ears and face! You might even create the legs out of black construction paper or paper that is colored black. You also could trace your hand to get a good shape for the lamb's body (with fingers facing down to become the legs and head of the lamb).

  3. Next, you can decide how to create the lamb's fluff. You can do this by gluing on fluffy cotton balls (or even marshmallows) or by finger painted white dots on the lamb's body. If you have another creative idea to create the lamb's fluff, feel free to do that as well!

  4. Then, be sure to add a few final details! Maybe you can add a nice background, googl-y eyes, or a little bow under the lamb's head. This is the step where you can make your lamb very unique!

  5. Lastly, add the main point or memory verse from this week's lesson to continue learning!

While working on this activity together, use the following to lead your kids in talking about sin and forgiveness:

  • Main Point: God's promise is the best ever

  • Memory Verse: 1 John 1:9 - "If we confess our sin, he is faithful and just and will forgive us of our sins."

  • What is sin? Sin is when we choose our way instead of God's way. It separates us from God.

  • What is forgiveness? When someone lets go of hard feelings they have towards someone else. When God forgives us, he is not angry or mad at us anymore for our sins. He loves us no matter what, even when we mess up and sin over and over! This is the perfect example of forgiveness.

  • Is it always easy to forgive our friends or family? No, it's not always easy no matter your age. But if it was important to God, then it should be important to us!

  • Why is Jesus called the Lamb of God? Before Jesus came to Earth, the people had to sacrifice a lamb to be forgiven of their sins. Jesus came as the perfect sacrifice to forgive us of our sins! We don't have to sacrifice lambs anymore. This is why we can call Jesus the Lamb of God. He was sent by God to be our sacrifice.

Kids, we can't see what you create! Be sure to share online and tag us so we can see all your creations. Have the best time creating, and have a very blessed week! @3treeschurch #3treesKIDS

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