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CRAFT | Cross

Families, we hope you are enjoying all the Easter games so far! If you haven't gotten to play them yet, click here to check them out for your family. Also, if you haven't gotten to watch this week's lesson video yet, click here, it's not too late!

Easter is all about celebrating Jesus' death and resurrection. Jesus died on the cross to take away each of our sins. Today, we are going to create a cross with a few simple supplies. After your cross is created, place it somewhere you will see it each day, so you can always be reminded of Jesus!


Supplies needed: Paper, something to draw with, glue and tissue paper

  • To start this craft, you will want to draw a big cross on your paper. It will need to have a center, so draw it in a bubble letter font.

  • After that, begin to tear your tissue paper into small pieces.

  • Now it is time to glue the tissue paper into the center of your cross. Maybe you want to make the cross all red to represent the blood Jesus shed for you or maybe you want it to be colorful like the provided picture. This part is up to you! Have fun and be creative!

  • Last but not least, write "Jesus is the best ever!" somewhere on your paper because Jesus really is the best ever!

We want to see everyone's wonderful creations. Snap a picture & share with us online by tagging 3trees Church!

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