CRAFT | March 25

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Families, let's get creative! Gather your kids and craft supplies for these family fun activities. You can do just one activity, or both if you are feeling extra creative!

Family Activity #1:

  • You will need a few smooth rocks, paint & paint brushes! Gather a few rocks from our backyard.

  • Paint your rocks in a way that will remind you about what we are learning this week in 3treesKIDS! Isaiah 26:4 tells us that "the Lord is an everlasting rock & that we can trust Him forever!"

  • After the rocks are painted and dry, place the rocks around your house as a daily reminder to always trust God! Here are a few pictures to get your creative minds going.

Family Activity #2:

  • Maybe you don't have paint stored up in your house, that's totally okay. This activity is for you!

  • On a blank sheet of paper, write the letter "R" in a bubble letter font large and in the center of your paper (you can also write out the word "rock" or "trust" in the bubble letter font).

  • Next, grab some craft supplies. You will need glue and a type of colored paper (construction paper, tissue paper, or white paper that you can color).

  • Tear the colored paper into small pieces & glue inside of the letter or word.

We want to see what you have created today!

Be sure to share online and tag us in your posts @3treesChurch on both Facebook and Instagram.

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