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ABC Scavenger Hunt

Happy Friday, everyone! Want a fun, new way to spend time outside with your family? Try our ABC Scavenger Hunt! Go on an adventure in your community and look for each of the following items that start with all the letters of the alphabet. Be sure to share your fun with us, too, by tagging us in your pictures!


A - Ant

B - Bird

C - Clover

D - Dew

E - Evergreen Tree

F - Fly

G - Green Leaf

H - Hat

I - Ity Bity Cloud

J - Jet Black Spider

K - Kind Animal

L - Log

M - Moon

N - Nest

O - Orange Sunset

P - Purple Flower

Q - Quiet Animal

R - Rain

S - Snacks

T - Tree Branch

U - Umbrella

V - Very Big Tree

W - Water

X - Xtra Small Rock

Y - Yellow Bird

Z - Zipper

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